sissy goes to nyc

a little rhyme for your thursday morning. be prepared to have your mind blown.

this little sissy
a poem by blair

this little sissy goes to nyc
this little sissy does not

this little sissy has fabulous time shopping
this little sissy does not

this little sissy buys freaking awesome gifts
this little sissy is in heaven!

thank you lauren for you fabulous gifts! you have suuuuuuch good taste. i want to wear both purses at the same time and the earrings are divine!

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Connie Rollins said...

Blair, you continue to make me laugh and smile each day.
This "momma" rejoices to see how beautiful “her three girls” are--inside and out.
The “gifts” are beautiful and will look stunning wherever you go.
Ask Josh about the two purses. Any man who can pull off his fabulous “YL looks” will have the correct fashion answer.
What do the earrings look like? Can you remember the fun that we all had in the City years ago? CBR

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