a little older every day

I've felt older this year. I mean, I'm aware that I am actually older this year....but I just feel older. You know what I mean? I'm having a harder time connecting with youth culture, pop media, teenage impulsivity....it just all seems so immature. Which, just thinking the word 'immature' makes me feel decades past my prime.

And then there was the grey hair that I spotted on the way to work. There I was, minding my own business, when a nasty little ray of sunshine burst through my sun-roof to perfectly expose a giant gray hair on top of my head. I nearly threw up, had a heart-attack and wrecked my car all at the same time. And then the panic set in. Is this really what aging feels like? Are my best years behind me? Am I really in my 'late' 20s? Do I need a more age-appropriate haircut?!?!

arg. the villain.

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robin said...

you're crazy. cool people have gray hairs. you're only old if you have them growing out of your ears or in your "nether" regions.

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