childhood vacations

Ah, the days of sweet childhood vacations. Sometimes there's a smell, sight or old photo that brings those sweet memories of the good 'ole days back into focus.

Last night, Josh and I went out to dinner at one of our favorite pizza places. (Yay for Barley's!) When we pulled into our parking spot I giggled with delight.....parked right next to us was a car with this on top:

I can see in coming into focus right now....we're taking the red suburban to the beach. I'm yelling at my little sister to aim the air-conditioning vents in the back up a little more because its steamy in the car....we're watching a movie on this tiny TV that my dad has wired up to the cigarette lighter...i'm trying to sleep on the floorboard on the car...we've already asked 'are we there yet' at least 34875 times on the 3.5 hour trip...my older sister keeps looking at me and i'm trying to convince my parents that she's violating my personal space... Ahh, sweet childhood memories from the road.

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