fresh fruit

Ok, I think this craze at our house is now bordering on full-fledged obsession. Last Wednesday, at the farmer's market, I bought one pint of blueberries, one quart of blackberries and one quart of peaches. (I didn't buy any strawberries because I already had two quarts at home.)

Its now Monday and I had to go buy some more fruit. I can't believe that we went through that much fruit that quickly. But when I think about how its been an accompaniment to nearly every meal and on top of every bowl of ice cream, it does kind of all make sense.

And speaking of "cents", do I dare even mention how pricey some of this fruit can be?!?! Even buying the fruit on sale can seriously break our grocery budget. So you want to know what I did today? I started out at Walmart (don't hate) to look at produce and was really disappointed at the selction. I ended up only buing a pint of blueberries for $2, which was 1/2 off the Harris Teeter price. Then I went to ALDI (crazy german grocery chain) and bought three quarts of strawberries for $1.69/quart, which are normally $6 at Harris Teeter (maybe $3 when they're on sale). Then I went over to Harris Teeter to look at blackberries, but was so scared off by the price that I ended up buying 'local' peaches from a stand in the parking lot ($10 for the container, and the sweet girl threw a couple in on top!)

I'm not sure how many hours this fruit will sustain us for, but I'm glad that we got it for a discount.....even if I did have to drive all over the county to get it.


chelsea said...

someone told me last week that the same family that owns trader joe's owns aldi. have you ever heard that before?
oh, and p.s. you need to come to davidson with me - there's a place on 73 called the bradford store that's all locally grown produce (mostly on site) and it is dirt cheap. i love it!!

robin said...

i ate 2 lbs of cherries in 2 days. i know how you feel.

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