5 years of bliss

Josh and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary. Wow. I seriously can't believe all the fun we've had over the past 5 years of being married. I really didn't know that it could be this good. We are so very grateful to the Lord.

We celebrated with five days down at Sullivan's Island. We relaxed and ate our way through the long weekend. (I now seriously need to do a food detox. For real.)

One of the most fun things that we got to do on Friday (the blessed day) was open our box of notes. We had three boxes at our wedding that were labeled "First Anniversary", "Fifth Anniversary" and "Twenty-Fifth Anniversary." Our friends and family put notes in each box for us to open on the relevant anniversary. Some were pictures, sweet messages, blessings and well-wishes. Here are a select few:

I loved this one from Jake and Laurie!
Such a great question!

No, Marywinn and Dicky, we haven't had any kids yet.
Yes, we will let you take us out to dinner!!

I love the sweet note from my sister and her husband

Love the poem Harilyn.
Also love how you get straight to the point.

No worries Dad, no grandkiddies yet!

Thanks for the well-wishes Chuck.
We'll do our best at brainwashing your kids.

This was the funniest one we opened
You're married now Robin, but I do want to remind you
that yes, Christ is sufficient and that you are still really hot.

We actually ended on this one.
Advice that only Ryan Kraska would utter

So friends, in the words of Robin Sterrett: Carpe Diem, Que Sera Sera, Hakuna Matata, Let Go and Let God!


robin said...

oh my gosh. this made me laugh really hard at myself. i really liked all that shrimp.

Happy 5th, y'all!!! Glad you got to get away! I'm sure it was so fun. Hope you remembered to pack your whips & chains.

Amy.Brethauer said...

Happy 5th Blair! yaya!

This is such a sweet idea...I'm making a mental note of it so I can do it at my wedding!

Brittany said...

I want to do this too!

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