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So the tour is over and I'm officially in withdrawal. Josh and I got more invested in this tour that any other. I'm going to miss the drama, interviews and mini-bets that we'd make during each stage.

I could blog on and on and on about some of my favorite moments from le Tour, but instead I've decided to discuss two of my favorite riders: Andy and Frank Schleck. They are brothers from Luxembourg, ride for Saxobank and are quite possibly two of the sweetest brothers ever. Luxembourg has always had great cyclists and the Schleck brothers are two of the best. They are constantly trading national titles amongst themselves. They train really hard and they love each other a lot. Did you catch what happened on Stage 17 of the Tour? Jens (fellow teammate) had a horrible 50+ mph crash on stage 16....and Andy and Frank stepped up the pace in honor of their injured rider. The Schleck brothers raced up the mountain, not leaving the other behind, to finish #1 and #3 for the stage. This is from Andy's Twitter (on 7/22/09) "After a bad day like yesterday with Jens we hat super day today Frank win I m so happy for him! He s the best brother an friend you can have" Isn't that too cute?

Here's an interview with the brothers after Stage 17. I love how Andy says that Frank "totally redeemed himself." Later in the interview, the reporter asks Frank how he feels about GC riders 1,4,5,6 (Contador, Armstrong, Kloden and Wiggens) he's says they're very strong riders and when he's asked about 2 and 3 (Andy and him) he says "they're just normal guys from the neighborhood."

Both Andy and Frank are single and I want to set them up with my friend Chelsea. Why are they perfect for her? Because they love to ride bikes, they love their family, they speak French, they are over 6 feet tall and they spent their winnings from their last race to buy what they call "something big" (its actually some land with a pond in their hometown; they admit its "not very rock'n'roll" but they wanted it so they could "barbeque with friends").

I think that I'm going to have to pick Andy (on the left) because he seems to have a great sense of humor. How do I know that? Well, we're actually great friends.....and he's been blogging for cyclingnews.com and its hilarious. Check it out----be sure to read about them trying to reenact moves from Step Up 2 on the team bus and his adventures in skiing.


robin said...

i didn't read any of this.

but i'm thrilled for you!

Rachel said...

can i please say that i've never seen or been exposed to anyone being so in to biking as u and josh so way to be original lol! ps beth moore best give my money back! ha
-last/best roommate of blosh

Amy.Brethauer said...

Blair...you have a twitter?!? Follow Me!

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