something witty about colorado

I'm alive, promise.
I've just been super busy.
But I'm back.

Two weekends ago a went with a bunch of our Young Life family to Great Wolf Lodge for a leader/committee weekend. The worship was great, the teaching so good and the time with friends was amazing. How could I not get enough of these girls?!?!?

After a whirlwind day of unpacking, re-packing and panicking over flights Josh and I left to spend the week out at Young Life's Trail West. We spent several days at a marriage retreat and then a few days vacationing with our friends Ryan and Sharon. Again, the teaching was great and the time with friends was amazing (and much needed!)

Sometimes it seems like the heavy and hard stuff comes in large doses, so I'm going to soak up these past two weeks of teaching and fellowship with friends. God is good and so was the past few days.


sharon said...

oh that view is purdy. it was fun sharing a balcony with you.

Taylor said...


i was thinking about going to sugar over sb with my big. she wants to try snowboarding and the rental is like $5 more than skiing. and as you know my skiing experience is limited to young life trips in high school. do you think snowboarding is a good idea? i have no desire to go into finals with broken legs.


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