the un-shun

Starbucks, you are officially un-shunned. I thought customer service was lost on corporate America; but you have proved me wrong. Being wrong never felt so good. I'm proud of you Starbucks; I'm gonna give you a little pat on the back.

A couple of weeks ago, after the Starbucks incident, I wrote a letter to the corporate headquarters. I put my best collegiate writing skills to use (none of which you see on my blog, ever) and let them know about their shunning.

Two days later I received the nicest apology letter from Stacia at Starbucks. I don't really get that many apology letters, ok I've never received one, but even I had this letter would still be on top of the pile. I wanted to frame it, or at least save it for future training purposes.

Then, yesterday, I got two free drink coupons from Stacia. Who I will now try to stalk on facebook so we can be friends.

Anyone want to join me for a free drank?

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Anonymous said...

Ok so I have done this many times. I feel as if I am the official unofficial secret starbucks shopper. I adore starbucks and any time something is not right I email them the complaint or call and their customer service is awesome. They always send me 2 coupons and take care of the matter. Yeah for the "Bucks" they rock.

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