one more reason to love weight watchers

I've got to give a little shoutout to Weight Watchers. They've been a pivotal part of my weight loss. My whole relationship with WW has been online. The accountability and availability has been just what I needed.

I recently reached my "goal weight" with WW. I thought I would kick my relationship with WW to the curb, along with all my fat clothes. But alas, WW has once again won me over.

They have a new feature what I call Pantry Raiding. WW calls is Use What's In The Fridge. There's a spot where you can enter into up to three different ingredients and it comes up with a huge variety of recipes and menus options. It includes not only WW created recipes, but also recipes that other folks have submitted too.

Last night I had an artichoke and tomato topped pasta. It was wonderful. And vegan. And diet friendly. And most importantly: free. All the items were in my kitchen already.

You really can't beat a new recipe that's yummy and free now can you?!

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