on to new york city and italy

My friend LindseyLee (hereafter known as LeeLee) is on a little tour of Italy with her hubs Joe right now. They are going everywhere. While I sit in an office....typing invoices and dealing with cranky home builders. Its almost the same as dealing with cranky Italians, except there's no wine, pasta or sexy shoes here. To keep me from sliding into full-fledged envy, I gave LeeLee some money to buy me something cool from Italy. I cannot wait to see what my little fashionista friend brought back for me!

My sister Lauren and her husband Jon are going to New York in two weeks. Jon is turning 30 this year and they are celebrating with a trip up to NYC. When I first heard that Lauren was heading up to NYC I got so excited. Lauren is a fantastic shopper/gift giver. She finds the most unique stuff that always leaves me wondering how I didn't own such a cool accessory/jewelry/article of clothing and if I'm cool enough to pull off said accessory/jewelry/clothing. And she always seems to find the coolest stuff in NYC. She's been several times in the last few years and its like Christmas when she comes home.

So by giving these girls some cash its basically like I'm going to Italy and NYC except I don't have to deal with paying, cranky waiters, shady airport folk....I just get to enjoy the cool souvenirs!

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