to narnia we go!

Josh was playing "Bigger or Better" at College Life last night. It was a very close finish between his team and a team with a set of walkie-talkies that doubled as Spider Man-Green Goblin dolls. (Of course the walkie talkies won---does anything get better than walkie talkies?!?!)

Josh didn't have anywhere to unload his prize, which he claimed took up the entire back of his car (big SUV.) So he brought it home.

And now I'm in love.

what a lovely little wardrobe
you will get a fresh coat of paint and some sassy door pulls
and when josh isn't looking i might climb inside and see if i can get to narnia
(just kidding....kind of)

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chelsea said...


i love love LOVE this piece! so gorgeous! what color are you going to paint it?

tell josh i definitely think that beats walkie-talkies.

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