help me miley

I think I may have just lost my mind. I almost bought a Miley Cyrus tshirt.
Let me try to explain:
I was at Walmart, getting groceries on the cheap, when out of nowhere I saw the cutest tshirt:

Not being one to judge where a trendy girl shops or where she snags a deal, I grabbed the shirt to examine it a little closer. I only fell more in love. And then, when I thought things couldn't get better, I saw the price tag: $7. Could it be true? Did I just make a fashion find at Walmart?!

And then I saw that the brand was Miley Cyrus. And I threw the shirt back on the rack.

How insanely out of touch with reality am I?? I can hear it now: Seriously Blair, a Miley tshirt? I know you work with middle schoolers, but why are you trying to dress like one?

But secretly, I'm still in love with some of her pieces:

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chelsea said...

I love all three of these pieces. And you have my permission to wear them. You're nowhere near as annoying as Miley or a middle schooler. And I'm certain you can put a mature twist on these. I know you're OLD now (haha) but not too old for these!

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