Elizabeth for Queen!

My younger sister Elizabeth is going to be in the homecoming parade today!

Ok, she's not technically my sister, but I certainly feel like she's family. (I'm totally freakin out about her 'talking' to this guy that's a junior at SHS, but that's a whole other story.)

When Josh first moved to Shelby seven years ago I used to spend the night at the Lampley's house when I'd come up to visit; which is how I was able to slowly infiltrate the family. Laura's now my friend (not Mrs. Lampley) and Elizabeth is like my younger sister. It helps that Laura will perpetually be 32-ish in my mind, since I'm rapidly approaching the 30 mark. And I have so much fun with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was just a wee-little babe when I moved here

Sarah, Elizabeth, Sidney
spring 2005

and now she's tearing up the halls at the high school

Elizabeth, Sidney, Sarah
summer 2009

oh elizabeth!
you're going to be great at the parade today and the football game tomorrow....and not because this whole homecoming thing is a big deal, but because of who you are.
you are fabulous. i love your spunk and your heart!
if i could bottle your passion and zest for life, i'd be a freaking millionaire (and not to mention a genius, because how would you even attempt to bottle all of that anyways?!)
you have such a sweet spirit and gentle heart
i love how you love your friends, the environment and Jesus; and how you aren't afraid to try something new
you're smart and bold, but also unbelievably compassionate, and i like that about you
you can't be put in a box or stereotyped, because you're just too dynamic for all that (unless its in the box of "people blair loves" or the stereotype "awesome")
i love you girl!!!!!
*ps* i definitely did NOT have Elizabeth's permission to write a blog about her----she would've been way too embarassed to have me going on and on about her. But that's another thing I love about her....she's fabulous AND humble. anyone jealous of her yet?

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