just hanging out with joe

As Josh and I were going over our schedules for last week (to plan meals, dates, laundry.....oh the fun of married life!) we ultimately got to Thursday's plans.

me: So, what are your plans for Thursday? Ride bikes with the boys and then YL at Gardner-Webb?
Josh: No, not this week. I've got to do some stuff with Joe.
me: (wondering) Joe? Who is Joe?
Josh: (casually) Oh Joe? You know my good friend Joe. Me and Joe Gibbs go way back.

Josh was doing a couple of skits and games for the Young Life fundraising banquet in Lake Norman. His character was Coach Kenny, the football coach from the local middle school (Burns Middle, home of the Fighting O'possums!) He was in the middle of a motivational speech when he got 'interrupted' by Joe Gibbs.

I mean really.....what are the chances of Coach Gibbs showing up at a YL fundraiser?!?! The chances are actually pretty good, considering he loves Jesus, Young Life and the YL staff at Lake Norman (and of course, Josh!)

I wonder how long Josh is going to pretend that he's best friend with Coach Gibbs?
Probably forever.

PS: I totally stole this picture for Sharon Clark. She is an AMAZING photographer. Book her for a session NOW!

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chelsea said...

haha i was totally trying to figure out if that was josh on sharon's post! very cute.

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