feels like winter!

It has been sooooo rainy and cold the past two days. Its beginning to feel like that's all the weather we've had-----where did those crisp fall days go?? I seem to have by-passed fall altogether and have moved into full-swing winter mode. Let's pull out the down blankets already!

The first thing I started getting excited about was going to see The Messiah in Charlotte. Josh and I weren't able to see it last year because we had to go to a YL staff conference.....and the same thing is scheduled this year! Dang it!

But, The Nutcracker is a very very very close second place holiday tradition for me. I knew Josh wouldn't be thrilled about the whole ballet idea, but I knew Chelsea would be fully on board. I called the ticket agent at the Blumenthal in Charlotte. We were able to find seats on the the third row of the right side of the orchestra section for $15! I can't wait!

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amy p said...

don't hate on the YL staff conference (and really fun christmas party)

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