i gotta crush on you

I have to confess....I have a crush. Whew, I feel a lot better now that I've admitted it out loud!

I actually have a lot of crushes (I mean, as long as I'm attempting to be honest here I might as well unload). I have a clothes crush on Sharon, name crush on Sidney, workout crush on Karma, free-time crush on every college student......I really could go on and on.

And now I have a hair crush. Leah has the best hair. And I'm totally crushing on it.

lindsay, melissa, leah
i must have been a little hair obsessive because i got one blond, brunette and redhead

this is me trying on her hair.
i love her 'i'm-kinda-freaked-out' face and my 'yay, i am so happy' face
i guess i was slightly bordering on stalker at this point

The cool part about this whole crush is that Leah dyes her hair! I've never been one to shy away from hair product (I had blond highlights two years ago and super-dark brown last year) and I always say that hair and makeup are two of my favorites things.

So you be my style jury............should I dye my hair Leah's color?

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note: If I end up dying it, I'm going to wait until the end of October to dye it because that will be my one-year weight-loss celebration and I thought I might treat myself to something at the spa (which having my hair cut and colored would be perfect!)

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