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I went over to my friend Marywinn's house a couple of days ago.  Her daughter (my friend Cora) is coming into town this weekend and she wanted to freshen up Cora's room.  Marywinn's house is the coolest; its a two story yellow-with-white-and-green-trim Victorian house.  They've added a few modern luxuries (amazing on-suite master bath with heated floors and towel warmer, yowsa!) but the house still has so many fun and eclectic original pieces.  I love that every room has a coal burning fireplace, the stained glass and that Cora's room has a secret little play-room tucked away.  Marywinn has done a fabulous job of displaying the old (she keeps her mom's vintage jewelry in a shadow box that has a hinged door so she can still use the jewelry!) while enjoying the new (stainless steel range and granite counter tops in the kitchen.)

Marywinn's children are all grown and married, so she doesn't spend a ton of time upstairs.  When she went to go look in Cora's room, check out what was waiting just under Cora's vanity:
Its a real mouse hole!  While it might be a little eeeek-inducing, I thought it was funny.  I mean, doesn't it look just like a cartoon mouse hole??
I just couldn't help but giggle.  I told Marywinn not to worry, that it was just where Jaq and Gus lived (remember the mice from Cinderella?!)  She was worried that it was a rat, but I assured her that it was certainly a sweet, song-singing, dress-making, princess-coaching cartoon mouse that lived there.  Or that it was a wiley, prank-causing, teeny mouse that would terrorize her dog.  Either way, the mouse is definitely a cartoon...and that's my professional opinion.

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