elliot weekly: week 27

Elliot loves Con Queso---she smiles SO big when she sees him!
What we've been up to this week:

Smack Those Lips: Elliot has been making this funny lip-sucking-but-smacking sound this week.  Its been funny to see her learn to do something new.  She'll learn a new skill (like smacking her lips) and not do an old skill (like making funny noises, grabbing her ears, etc).  It is really wild to watch her learn all of this stuff.

Back to Front:  Elliot has finally been rolling over!  She's rolled over several times this week and even got stuck on her belly during a nap.  The whole stuck-on-her-stomach fiasco wasn't so exciting, but I'm glad that she seems a little more interested in rolling around.  She'd still rather have you pick her up or grab a toy for her--and honestly, who am I to complain, I pretty much love holding her. 

Outdoor Girl:  Elliot has been loving her outside play time lately.  I took an old quilt to work with me and we've been having a blast playing outside.  I have to keep an eye out for the wandering chickens, but other than that we're having a great time.  Elliot seems to really enjoy all the noises (birds, breeze, cars and trains) as well as watching the chipmunks and squirrels run around.

Sitting Pretty:  The bumbo has been quite handy!  I really think its helped Elliot do a better job of sitting up.  She needs to kind of have her legs in a "v" shape and have some toys in between, but she's doing ok.  If she sees/hears something interesting to her left or right, she'll face-plant for sure! 

Sound Asleep:  I'd like to say our little babe is officially sleeping through the night....although, I'm not going to say that....because as soon as I do, she'll be up all night!  But it seems that the combination of quitting the pacifier and the Ferber method of falling asleep have worked great!  A friend asked me if I'll use a pacifier for our next babe.  Truth is, I'm not sure!  The pacifier was great and horrible....I'm just glad she kicked the habit quickly! 

Fair Life:  This week the fair was in town....and we took full advantage.  I love people-watching at the fair.  I make up names for people and create full dialogue.  Its kind of amazing.  Here are some family pictures:

elliot....not so interested
elliot was MUCH more excited once she got her overalls on
thanks hef for the sweet outfit! elliot totally loved it :)
love my sweet baby girl!

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Jonathan and Shelley King said...

Hey Blair,

Wil you email me? I want to talk to you about kicking the paci...Jackson is trying to and starting to suck his thumb but not quite able to fall asleep for naps with out the paci yet. Wanted to see what you did that worked. My email is shelleyb.king@gmail.com

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