craft it: monogram it!

I recently received these vintage kitchen towels from my friend Marywinn and this dress for Elliot from my mom.  They were both super cute....but definitely needed a little extra sass. 

I wasn't quite sure what to do to them.  applique? screen print? my crafty brain was stumped!  So I took them uptown and had our local monogramming lady work her magic!

I like that the monogramming lady used a number on the dish towels.  I told her that I wanted something a little different than the normal "married couple monogram" look.  I also think she did a great job on Elliot's dress!  I wanted a little less "girly" monogram and Chelsea suggested getting it done in gray and I loved the idea--of course Chelsea would have the best eye for that, have you checked out her blog??  She's styled my entire closet for me (it was like a what-not-to-wear marathon) and she always has the most  unique ideas.

So a sneaky little crafty lesson....when in doubt, have someone else do the planning and the doing of a craft.  I guess I just "managed" this craft.  Oh well, that's the life of a crafting mama...sometime you feel the urge to craft but have neither the time nor the ideas.  Hahahaha. 

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chelsea said...

you're too sweet. is there is significance to the threes? i like them!

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