all in a morning's work

Someone recently asked me how it felt being a new mom.  I told them that I felt like it must be what being a postal worker is like: no matter how much mail they deliver a day, there's always going to be more the next day regardless of the weather.  Around our house it feels like there's always something that needs to be done.  There's always clothes to be washed, dishes to put away, toys to tidy up.  Sometimes it feels like the list is just endless!  

Here's my normal pre-work routine:
7:00am feed and change elliot
7:15am hand elliot off to josh
7:20am out the door for a quick run
8:00am get ready for work (while josh and i take turns entertaining elliot)
8:30am make coffee, pack lunch, pack elliot's stuff for work and clean kitchen
8:55am rush out the door to work

this shows about 2/3 of our messy kitchen
funny part is, this is just messy from the night before!
take out clean dishes and put in dirty ones
take out recycling (cause we're green like that, ya know)
put away expressed milk (can you see it over there? ha)
try and keep elliot out of josh's snack bowl
"who, me? mom, i'm just helping sort the snacks"
Then I come home from work, put Elliot to sleep for a quick pre-dinner cat nap, try and get a little crafting in, feed elliot, give elliot a bath, attempt to cook dinner, put elliot to sleep, attempt to put away as many dishes as I can without waking the babe, hang out with Josh, feed elliot again, go to sleep.....all to begin the entire process again the next morning.  So yeah...come rain, snow, sleet or hail, there's always more mail.

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chelsea said...

i find this post entertaining considering the current unfortunate situation the post office is facing. there may not actually always be more mail in the future. so maybe you have a reprieve coming your way as well? i'm guessing like the postal workers, you don't really want one. :o)

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