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Getting ready for our little girl has been fun around our house. We have three bedrooms upstairs and had them set up as two guest bedrooms and a spare room/girl area/quiet-time space. Since the other bedrooms already had tons of furniture in them, we decided to use the smaller bedroom/spare room as baby girl's nursery. More about that room transformation later.

This story is about the middle guest bedroom, or as Josh refers to it "the glow-in-the-dark-green" bedroom. The room won't be totally made-over. We still need it to function as a guest room. Buuuuut, I needed a little space in this room too. (Especially since I just got kicked out of my old room by our almost-here-baby.) I wanted this room to also serve as little crafting area for me. I love little projects and wanted a space to store my supplies in an easy-to-access but still well-hidden manner.

So I hijacked some space in the green guest bedroom.

One of the many challenges in this bedroom is the dark brown desk. The desk was a given to me by my parents when I was a child. Its stately and sturdy and I love it. However, it doesn't quite lend itself to the shabby-chic-neutral-to-white-oh-so-refreshing pallet that I love.

I was tempted to paint the desk white, but thought my parents might have a coronary. But, I really needed something to break up the darkness of the desk. So, I did the next best thing, I found a vintage fabric that I loves and slid it under the glass top. I also got rid of 90% of the random picture frames and added a few josh-would-call-them-knick-knacks-but-i-think-they're-just-fabulous-trinket-holders.

We still have a few more things to do in this room, mostly involving painting, but those projects will have to wait until after the wee babe arrives. Not being able to paint (since I'm pregnant)has seriously cramped my style!

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