craft it: coffee filter lampshade

Josh and I have been inspired to do a little re-decorating around the house. Our lives have been so busy the past few years that we really haven't paid much attention to the decor in our home. As we've spent more time together and more time in the house we're noticing all the clutter, items we don't like and things we'd like to do differently.

I've decorated the guest bedrooms pretty much by myself. They are fun and colorful and my little slice of girlishness in our house. The living room, dining area, kitchen and our bedroom are a completely different story. They are in major need of a decorating overhaul!

My friend LindseyLee suggested a blog that had pictures of a house that sounded like the style that we were looking for. She hit the decorating nail on the head!! I am loving Sarah Lorenz and her beautiful home! We have a lot of projects to do around the house before it is anything close to resembling this style, but I can't wait! Wow, this post has too many exclamation points!!

I started off with one of the cheapest ways to copy Sarah's style: coffee filter lampshade. Be warned, it takes a ton of coffee filters and your fingers will definitely get burned by the hot glue. I also think this project looks better on her lampshade since its a drum shape.
Here's the Before:

And the After:

This lamp is actually in one of the guest bedrooms, but I plan on moving the shade out into the living room when we start making over that room. This was just a $4 crafting project that I wanted to try out.....no sense in freaking Josh out by saying I was doing a project for the living room until I knew he was 100% on board. And lets just say that my "Honey, I'm going to make a lampshade out of coffee filters" didn't really get his decorating juices flowing. However, after seeing the finished project he's now a believer. And better yet, he's ready to start redecorating the living room!!

Re-decorating the living room will require painting some of our furniture, which I can't do while I'm pregnant. Sad. So, we're brainstorming and compiling ideas for the space. If you find any fabulous finds or have any creative thoughts please let me know!

**we're almost done decorating baby girl's nursery. i'll post pictures soon!

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