oh the madness!

Its March Madness folks, and you know what that means: all day basketball viewing at the Jones household. Our brackets are completed and bets have been made, now its time to cheer on our Tarheels (and maybe a few other ACC teams, as long as they're not playing Carolina, of course.)

Josh and I were trying to find some cheap tickets to the Carolina game tonight or Sunday night, but we haven't had any luck. So, we went up to the Time Warner Arena and caught Roy and his boys at open practice. It was so much fun!

We found some awesome seats.
I heard several "eh! make some room for the pregnant lady!"
not sure if it was Josh or not, but I appreciate folks hearding us toward these fanastic seats!

Henson is my favorite.
Here he is massively missing a three-pointer, but I don't even care.
I just want to pinch his cheeks, he's so darn cute.

ok, so you can't really tell in this picture, but Roy was joking with all the boys
he was smiling (shocker!!) and cracking jokes left and right
so surreal to see him without a scowl!

we also cheered on the 'blue team' (aka, the non-scholarship players)
they don't get much playing time, but it seemed like they were sinking nearly every shot
so fun to see them get so much support from the fans

Towards the end of practice there was a dunk contest. It totally seemed planned. The guys were all at the other end of the court, so I didn't get any shots....but trust me, it was amazing! The entire place went crazy. I hope none of the Bobcats were there---they'd probably be embarassed by how much more support the Tarheels were getting than what the Bobcats get!!

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Connie Rollins said...

Dear B: You sure do get around for a very pregnant lady. So glad you and Josh had fun. No autographs from your fav players??
Love, Connie

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