36 weeks, seriously?!

Well, I'm now 9 months pregnant....but still have four weeks left to go before our little babe arrives. I have not figured out the whole math thing. Why the heck to people say you're pregnant for 9 months when really its 10 months? So confusing. So, I'll just stick with weeks. I'm 36 weeks into this thing.

I cannot believe we're really going to have a baby. I know that sounds strange, but stay with me here. Its just that I've been pregnant for so stinkin' long. We found out that we were having a baby almost 28 weeks ago....that's 7 months folks. Initially I felt like our life was going to be instantly different. You know....because I wasn't pregnant, then all of a sudden I was. But life wasn't that different. Sure, I was pretty tired during the first trimester and my tummy grew to enormous proportions.....but life didn't really change. Josh and I still got up, spent time with the Lord, went to work, engaged in ministry, spent time with each other and friends, and played. And, to top if off, I've had a pretty healthy and easy pregnancy; I haven't been sick and I've been able to stay pretty active. I guess I just got used to being pregnant.

So, now it feels like life is going to be instantly different. We're putting the finishing touches up on her nursery (I'll share pictures soon) and praying about our transition into parenthood and Jones-party-of-three. We're embracing these last few weeks and relishing our time together, this beautiful weather and a few last minute adventures.

This past weekend Josh went flyfishing for the first time since his ACL surgery. I wish we had a picture to document the event....but Josh kind of hates when I pull out my camera all the time and he left at 5:30am, and I was most definitely asleep. We also had the Young Life 5k at Lowes Motor Speedway. It was a summer camp fundraiser and one of the most unique 5ks I've run. How fun to finish on pit row!! I did run the 5k, although it was really more of a jog than a run. It felt fantastic to finally run outside! I've been running inside (to be close to other people and a phone in case something went wrong) for so long-----the freedom and fresh air was exhilarating!

So here they are....belly pictures at 36 weeks. And don't hate on the outfit, I'm heading to the gym and the t-shirt was from the race this past weekend.

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