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So, this wee little baby girl of mine is going to need some clothes or she's going to be hanging out in just a diaper. Which, don't get me wrong. a-la-loin-cloth may be tres chic to some----but its not really my style. Go figure. I have had several generous friends and family members pass on their children's oh-so-cute-just-out-grown-barely-used clothes for our wee babe and I am so very thankful!

Despite the efforts of our friends and family to cloth our babe, we were still very short on 0-3 months sizes. So I swiped (and by swiped I mearly nearly stole because I got them so dang cheap) some onesies from Walmart, grabbed my crafting gear and held my friends LeeLee and Chelsea hostage until they designed some cute clothes for my girl.

We layed out all our crafting materials to see what we had to choose from. Oh the sweet joys of iron on fabric glue!!!!

LeeLee and Chelsea were getting very creative. They even drew out a few designs:

Here are some of the finished products:

Thanks you ladies for making these oh-so-fabulous onesies for my little girl.....and thank you for still be my friends after I held you hostage for the crafting session :)


chelsea said...

yaaay! i was going to nag you about posting this! it was so much fun and your babe is going to be the cutest, most stylish baby girl maybe ever.

Lindsey Lee Lancaster Hartsell said...

Clothes=amazingly cute. Lindsey sans Makeup= eh.

connierollins@charter.net said...

So cute and cafty. Very fashionable onesies. Such good "gal pals" to work with you, Momma Blair.
Thank you ladies for helping to bring "fashion" to my very first grand baby! I bet you had Blair relaxed and laughing. XO

connierollins@charter.net said...

Sooo cute! I love the fashions!

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