32 weeks and counting

For all my friends and family that are far away, here's a family shot of the three of us at 32 weeks.

Its so hard to think we'll be meeting our sweet little girl in eight weeks!

On the Jones family front: Josh's knee is rehabbing well, notice there's no knee-brace at all! Josh is still doing physical therapy twice a day and has been able to start using the trainer for his road bike. I'm hoping that he'll have some time on the road before the baby comes! I'm doing well too....still running (although not nearly as far or as fast!) and working. Josh and I perused REI this past weekend and I am IN LOVE with the new BOB stroller. I know that it'll be a while before I can run with our little girl in tow, but I can't wait!

Eight weeks sounds like so far.....and then when I think about all we need to do, organize and purchase it sounds like its right around the corner! We're slowly picking things out, crafting and arranging her sweet room----can't wait to show you some of our progress!

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