first race of 2011

So, its February. And I haven't run a race yet. Nor do I have any events on the horizon. Its starting to make me feel like 2011 is going to be the year of lazy!

I mean....I know I'm having a baby and everything. But I still want to have a race to look forward to. Ya know?

So I just found a race that will redeem on my post-birthing-a-baby-i-can't-workout-for-how-long madness. The race looks epic. No seriously. Its a 5k with an obstacle course. That's right, this hopefully-hot-by-then mama will not only be running a bit over 3 miles, but also balancing across wooden planks, diving into a blackout tent, navigating tangled webs in the woods, traversing a cargo net, stampeding through a scrapyard, rappelling down a ravine, trudging through waist deep water and over logs, hustling up layered straw bales, crossing over and under staggered logs, leaping over flames and scrambling over mud and under barbed wire to reach the finish line.

In addition......you get a race t-shirt, a warrior helmet and a finishers medal. Count me in!!

I can't wait!!!!!


Sunday Grant Photography said...

i have heard these are so much fun!

Baird said...

Um. I'm doing this too. It will be one for the record books for sure. I am so excited!

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