bangs + braids

I've been a full-fledged stay-at-home mom for exactly a year now and it has taken me nearly that long to get my mom-style on target.  I spend approximately 90% of my time in my running gear (nike capris, a tank/shirt/zip-up long-sleeved, and running shoes.  (I do actually run, nearly every day, but am sure to do some sort of exercise every day.  I'm not just sporting my yoga pants around town--even though they are so very, very comfy.)  I have yet to figure out what to wear in the remaining 10% of my time (dates, errands, church, etc).  I was pregnant or nursing up until six months ago and I always favored convenience over fashion.  And then summer came, and who can really think straight in 99% humidity?

While I am still struggling to find my "feminine boho" look that won't show my booty while I'm chasing after my toddlers I have at least one piece figured out: my fall go-to hair style

shameless selfie

bangs + braid

As a mom, bangs are a fashion lifesaver.  They are cute and prevent ponytail monotony.  You can push them back with a wide headband when needed.  But the biggest advantage is that you can have days old greasy hair and wash your bangs and look semi-decent (if you hair is in a pony.)

The Elsa-inspired side braid is also amazing.  It works better with dirty hair (check) and your three year old daughter will think you are so cool.

So, I'm still not sure if I am too old to wear the dressing/leggings/boots, but I will definitely be sporting this hairstyle all winter long.

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