cook it: tomato soup

Y'all, we just got a serious cold front coming through and it is time for a big bowl of soup.  With the Indian Summer that we've had going on out here in Oklahoma I thought that this day might never come!

I indulged in two bowls of this tomato basil soup today and thought y'all might want to make some for yourself!  It only makes around 6 servings, so you'll want to go ahead and grab your stock pot so you can double this recipe.  It's around 100 calories per bowl, so you're fine to grab a second helping!

I love how this recipe transforms totally average ingredients into out-of-this world deliciousness:

seriously, just grab store brand ingredients y'all

can of crushed tomatoes (24 oz)
3 cups water
2T tomato paste
2t sugar
1.5t sea salt
bunch of fresh basil (chopped)
0.5t fresh pepper
1c heavy cream

1) combine tomatoes, water, tomato paste, sugar, salt and basil in a pot
2) bring to a boil and then reduce to simmer for 20 minutes
3) stir in pepper and cream, simmer for 2 minutes

serve alone or with salad, grilled cheese, crusty bread....the possibilities are endless. 

nom nom nom

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