elliot weekly: week 34

at the Washburn General Store
trying to convince us to buy her this little rocking chair

what we've been up to:

To the Park: Elliot went to the park for the first time!  Josh and I both had Wednesday afternoon off and we took Elliot to the park.  She's obviously not old enough to run around yet, but she seemed to enjoy the swings and the carousel.  We are so lucky to have such a gem of a park only minutes from our house...its actually walking distance from my office and uptown so we'll have to keep it in the running destination rotation.  

Winner, Winner: Elliot is a winner!  Elliot and I ran the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving this past week.  Ok, Elliot actually fell asleep around mile 2.  BUT, Elliot won the costume contest!  I'm pretty sure she won by default, but she was the CUTEST little indian ever.  I made her costume out of felt and ribbon and managed to whip it up during her nap on Wednesday afternoon.  Its all sew-free and made by knotting and hot-glue that I learned how to do by watching this video from Joann's.  (You can't really see in this picture, but she had a little papoose on the back of her costume to hold her stuffed animal like a mama!)
Elliot and I post-race waiting for the results 
cutest little baby ever?
and we have the trophy to prove it.
Thankful:  We are so thankful for so many things; the Lord is so very good and so good to us.  It was nice to have a day set aside to remember that this week.  I pray that we keep that mindset as we enter into these next holiday weeks!

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amy p said...

i cannot handle that little ah-em native american. :)

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