elliot weekly: week 32

holding her water bottle at 32 weeks
What we've been up to:

Roll Over: Elliot is a rolling over champ!  She's been great with her tummy time and regularly rolls front to back (she definitely favors rolling to the right.)  She's not showing any interest in crawling yet and prefers to play with what's around her than crawling for a toy farther away.

Sing a Song: Elliot has been really into music lately.  If she's fussy in the car, turning on the radio (or plugging in the iPod) really seems to calm her down.  I don't think she has any real favorites so far, but I'm thinking she'll be a 'top 40s' girl.  Josh and Elliot rock out to the guitar while I'm running in the mornings.  It's fun to sneak into the house and hear them singing Vida la Vida or Mr. Jones (ok, let's be honest, Josh does the singing and Elliot just kind of lays on her back, grabs her feet in the air, smiles and does a sweet little baby scream.)

Elliot and Josh having a little sing-a-long/chew-toy time

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