elliot weekly: week 31

loving outdoor time at 31 weeks
What we've been up to this week:

Reach For It:  Elliot is getting so much better at reaching for toys (or my cell phone, keys, silverware or anything else she shouldn't be putting in her mouth!)  She will be sitting up, lean to one side to grab a toy, sit back up and pass the toy between her hands.  It's so wild to watch her....I just hear her think "I want what's over there....so I'm going to get it myself."  It is amazing to see her independence grow each day!

Arms Open Wide:  When Elliot is getting fussy/tired/bored and she starts to cry, she doesn't really hold her arms "up", she holds them out (like she's making a giant "T" shape.)  She holds her arms like this often and most of the time isn't trying to communicate "pick me up."  I feel like a bit of a mind-reader these days---trying to decipher what she wants, with one motion/gesture meaning multiple things.

In Its Place: Everything has a place....and Elliot believes that place is in her mouth.  Car keys, make-up, remote controls, towels and tabletops are all fair game for our little girl.  Yes, she did try to chew on the edge of a table at Early Girl in Asheville.  And yes, I did laugh while pulling her away.  What can I say, I guess our daughter is part beaver.

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Kristie said...

elliot is so adorable - so glad i got to hang out with you guys and have some elliot time! see you thanksgiving!!

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