elliot weekly: week 33

what we've been up to:

Never Met a Stranger:  Elliot continues to enjoy meeting new people...although, you'd never know they were "new" by the way she coos and smiles at everyone.  When I was pregnant with Elliot I prayed that she would be warm towards others, because I knew how many people the Lord had us in contact with through ministry.  I know she's little and could certainly develop a shy streak later on, but we're just going to enjoy our little social butterfly for now.

Huge Smiles: Elliot has a huge smile, complete with drool and giggles.  Noticeably absent: teeth.  Elliot doesn't have any teeth yet.  And, according to Aunt Joy (dental hygienist extraordinaire) it doesn't look like she has any teeth coming any time soon.  Oh well, we'll just enjoy our little gums-only girl for now :)

Bath Baby:  Elliot is still loving her bath time.  She'd probably play in the bathtub all day if we let her.  And, she loves to tote around her bath toys and play with them around the house.  We get quite the strange looks when we're out and about and Elliot is swinging around a rubber ducky!

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