where she lays her head

Welcome to Elliot's room!
We've got this sweet little bird, from Hef, just outside her room.
Gotta love friends that shop on Etsy!!

this is what you see when you walk into elliot's room
well, there's ususally a baby in the crib

here's where we store elliot's clothes
we got this baby for FREE and i slapped a few coats of white paint

we are borrowing this beautiful crib from our friends elizabeth and john
i got the idea for the fabric and embroidery hoops from apartment therapy
i got the fabric from walmart (the $1 section) and the hoops from goodwill

we store elliot's less cute baby stuff (diapers, wipes, etc) in this old pie safe
we stole it off the side of the road
i guess its not really stealing if someone had it in the trash
and its not really side-of-the-road since it was at my friend laura's house :)
my favorite items here:
vintage paris map (actually wrapping paper) framed in wood from josh's great-grandma's 100 year-old house
write frame containing note written on back of grocery store receipt (its where we were brainstorming elliot's name at the hospital and practicing her monogram)

i spend A LOT of time in this glider
sadly, we did have to purchase this beauty at a real store
i mean, i did use a coupon....but paying nearly retail HURT!
meanwhile, i only paid $5 for the end table (which i spray painted green and got a cool drawer pull from anthropologie)

josh had this ladder when we got married
i hung a couple of my mom's vintage day dresses on it
the white dress is what elliot wore home from the hospital

my in-laws built this beautiful bookshelf for me last Christmas
i had it filled with books i love and my crafting supplies
now its filled with elliot's books, toys, blankets and stuffed animals
i put some special items from my and josh's childhoods on the top two shelves

where we change elliot's 230982309 diapers
the changing table was a hand-me-down from our friends cassie and will
i couldn't find any baskets to fit the shelves so i made these wooden apple crates
the project nearly drove josh crazy...but it was the one project i actually finished before elliot was born!
i just finished and hung the moss-covered letters today
they are meant to tie into the whole "natural" theme we're attempting (wooden boxes, twigs on chandelier, etc)

a few random shots of things i love in her room:

thanks for stopping by to check out elliot's room!
i'd love any additional ideas you have to make her room even more special :)

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