elliot weekly: week 3

My sweet baby girl is three weeks old today. I cannot believe that I was holding her for the first time almost exactly three weeks ago this minute. How the time has flown! I have changed 1209874598724598123908 diapers (seriously thinking about buying stock in Pampers), sang half the chorus to "Go To Sleep" by the Avett Brothers 29023923092309 times (enough to actually know the words by now OR actually take the time to learn a real lullaby) and fallen head over heels in love with Elliot.

What did we do this week? A LOT of this:

(yes, we finally gave in to the pacifier! we only let her use it when we CANNOT calm her down.)

Ok, we did have a few ventures outside of the house. Elliot and I went on a couple of walks in Elizabeth's neighborhood. We also managed to sneak in a few meals out with friends and family. A highlight of mine was playing on Hef and CT's Kinect.

Josh and I had a blast.
Elliot, on the otherhand, was not too impressed:

I promise to one day, post something interesting...maybe even about something other than motherhood or babies. But until then, I'll leave you imagining my glorious life of spit-up, sleeplessness and baby-love.

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