projects, more projects

Josh and I have been enjoying our time at home. We have had a very busy past few months. Between preparing for Josh's sabbatical, Josh working at two Young Life clubs, me preparing for maternity leave and both attempting to prepare for baby, we've been a bit covered up. And by a "bit" I mean to say totally-100%-completely-in-need-of-a-serious-break-before-I-have-a-mental-break.

Our combination of Sabbatical (10 weeks for Josh to renew spiritually, emotionally and physically) and maternity leave (8 weeks for me) could not be more perfect. Josh and I are loving it. We are getting some amazing quality time together. And while we are worn out caring for Elliot, we are relishing our time to love and snuggle our new little girl.

And we've found a spare bit of energy for a few projects around the house:

Josh (somehow) found the energy to paint the mailbox and front door yesterday.
Seriously? I had the energy to sit on the couch and watch the Real Housewives.
(don't judge me, the TV was on Bravo and the remote was all the way across the room.)

I haven't had the time, energy or inclination to do many of the things on my "maternity to-do list." I'd thought about different crafting projects, blogging ideas and day-trips. But all I seem to want to do is stare at Elliot. And seriously, who wouldn't want to just stare at this beautiful face all day?!?!?

(ps, those are Josh's hairy legs, not mine!)


Mimmi Rollins said...

Most beautiful baby girl. I know she must melt Josh's heart as she looks into his eyes. Hope that her cold is better soon and I can bring her some of the things she may need. Hugs to all.

A Fabuless Home said...

She already looks so different. She's so beautiful!

Lauren said...

I love seeing pictures of her. You are doing great! Can't wait to see her again!

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