elliot weekly: week 1

Its been a week since Elliot was born....and what a week it has been! From her surprise early arrival, countless well-wishes and visitors and adjusting to Jones party of 3, we have had QUITE the week!!!

Here's a recap of Elliot's first week:
My water broke at 7:30am on Friday April 1. I couldn't believe Elliot was on the move...seriously, Josh and I are late everywhere. I was very surprised that any child of ours would be early.

seriously Elliot? 10 days early?

We got checked into the hospital fairly quickly. Little did we know out sweet baby girl would be born less than 9 hours later. Again, she's a quick and early person---who knows where she gets that from!?

Elliot has already made friends!
We were so blessed by our visitors. In the chaos we did manage to snap a few pictures:

Elliot had her first check-up on Tuesday.
She's healthy and already gained 2.5 ounces.

I love how Josh filled out the paperwork:

And, because every momma has to brag a little bit:
look how advanced our little babe is!
she's already learned how to suck her thumb

Other than that, we've just been eating, sleeping and snuggling.
We are totally smitten with our little girl!!


Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful, Blair. Congratulations!! She is already blessed . . . to have two such wonderful parents.

marylanierd said...

I would totally be smitten as well...that's one beautiful baby you have there! Congratulations!

Mimmi Rollins said...

More pictures please. Maybe even a movie starring Elliot, parents and friends. Hope that you are getting some rest XO.

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