rock on

Ladies, prepare to meet your new best friend:

'Rock On' dry shampoo is quite possibly the best invention ever (followed quickly by mascara, toothpaste, and TiVo). It contains some magical ingredients that soak up oil in you hair and helps you maintain a fresh just-washed-and-blown-out look without all the hassle. It even adds a light hold and added texture. Simply spray on, massage in, brush out and strut your stuff.

I highly recommend this to:
-girls with fine hair
-lazy people
-bar/club goers (totally gets rid of the smokey smell)
-anyone wanting to sleep in a few extra minutes

I should offer a little warning: don't use this on wet hair...even if its only slightly misted. You will end up with a pasty mess on top of your head. Not that I've ever done that or anything...

So go stop by your local Sally Beauty and pick up this magical can for $6.99.

Enjoy your hair wash-less weekend!!

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