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Ok, I don't know that much about weather. Shocker. I know exactly nothing about barometric pressure, dry heat and the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius (ps, I had to look up how to spell both of those words.)

In fact, until very recently I could watch the 'weather on the 1s' with Josh and still have no idea what to wear to work the next day. Unless it said it would be raining, but then the chances of me remembering to pack an umbrella were pretty dang slim.

But since I've been training for my marathon I've learned quite a bit: the more humid it is, the more I'll need to hydrate....there's a big difference between 75 degrees and 82 degrees...and summer was quite possibly the most stupid time to train for a marathon.

Gone are my modest days of wicking tshirts and running capris; welcome to running shorts and tank tops. Its so stinking hot outside that I've given up completely on trying to look fashionable. Its all about survival at this point. And if you think I'm being a little over-dramatic...well, I am. But seriously guys, this heat we've been having is foolishness.

I've finished 8 weeks of training (10 weeks left) and am officially in marathon training mode. I ran 14 miles two Sundays ago an 15 miles this past Sunday. I was so stinking proud of myself. Until I realized that I was exhausted after the 15 miles...and would still have to make it 11 more miles come race day.

I was feeling pretty bummed...until this morning. Is it possible to fall in love with a weather pattern? If so, I'm in deep....as in I want to serenade with a Taylor Swift song. Meet the effects of a cold front:

Aug 24
7 am
71° F

71 degrees? Seriously?! I had my shortest run of the week this morning, so I soaked up every minute of the four miles. I could not believe it. Now, its still gonna be nearly-surface-of-the-sun hot today, but I reeeeeally enjoyed my little fall preview.

Go grab your gear....tommorow's gonna be even better!
Aug 25
7 am
65° F

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chelsea said...

It's possible that a temperature below 70 in August is enough to get me out of bed early. And that's saying a lot. I'm a big fan of getting up 20 minutes before I have to be at work.

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