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Money is tight these days. I'm shopping at Aldi, thrift stores and clearance racks. Its nothing new, we've all been watching the 'ole purse strings for a while now. But I don't think there is anything that has can bring more joy (when referring to finances) when you spend money on a worthy cause. And is there anything better than this:

This is my friend Amy; she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. When I heard the news I felt scared, confused and totally helpless. It was so hard to think about someone you care about dealing with something that you can't help with at all.

I've been praying for Amy, Adam (her sweet husband) and Charis (that adorable baby!)...for their health, peace, community, faith, finances, sanity. Oh, how much we love them.

I was reading in "Bicycling" about a new program that Trek Bikes has started. It's called the Unity Campaign. You can personalize stickers, water bottles and posters to show the world who you're cycling for. All the proceeds go to Livestrong and for cancer research. I like working out, but I like working out for a cause more. I had to get something for Amy. My water bottle came in the mail yesterday:

I also signed up for the Susan G Komen 5k in Charlotte. Its October 2 and starts at 7ish am. Come join Amy's team! Even if you're not a runner they have a "sleep in" option where you can pay to run the race but you aren't actually running it. So you really don't have an excuse for not signing up folks :)

I know its not much, but I want the money I spend to have the potential to bless others....whether its cancer research or cancer awareness (or another disease/condition that close to your heart) I think its important to literally put your money where your mouth is.

We love you Amy.
We're fighting this with, for and because of you.

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amy p said...

i feel so honored. so very honored and humbled to have friends like you. wow. oh and sadly sir ed's closed down. very sad. but that doesn't mean we can't hang out. in fact, let's stop putting it off!! love you

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