have it your way

We got seriously crazy with lunch at our house this week. I told Josh that I wanted control over what he ate and that I'd cook all his meals (even breakfast!) for a week.

Step 1: throw out frozen pizza.

Step 2: organize menu.

Step 3: get creative!

Mahi Fish Taco.
Take that Totinos!!!!!!

I also made this burger for Josh. His response upon seeing it was "You should but that on your blog."

100% organic beef patty, monterry jack cheese, avocado and pico de gallo
now, even this vegan knows burger perfection when she sees it!


chelsea said...

you're amazing. will you cook for me for a week, please?

Anonymous said...

Josh is one lucky guy. I just want the junk thrown out and to be able to reach into the various shelves of the frig.
Martha Stewart (aka Blair Jones)
Strikes again!

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