weekend warrior

Sorry for the hiatus. Its been so pretty outside that I haven't been slowing down long enough to blog.

excuse #1: tour de springs

this is me and lindsay before our 33 mile ride two weekends ago. (she rode her bike to the race, then home from the race, then felt fit enough to go for a run. i, on the other hand, laid by the pool.)
ps: there are blue dolphins painted on the side of that yellow car. more on that later.

excuse #2: turner wedding extravaganza

hef and ct got hitched last weekend. first there was the western bbq rehearsal dinner, then the stunning wedding at the episcopal church (many a tear shed on our row----how box between stew and josh) and then the reception/dance party that will be forever referenced as turner 2010. yes, i'm still recovering.

more to come.


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