Starbucks, you are officially shunned. I stood by you when the local coffee shops protested, when you got automatic espresso machines and even when you got instant coffee. But no more. You are dead to me.

Why? Because on Saturday night, at approximately 9:45pm, when I requested a grande cup of the house decaf (such a reasonable request by the way) I was told by the barista that not only did you not have any brewed but that, "We don't brew decaf after 12noon." In what I can only describe as an out-of-body-coffee-deprived-rage I leaned over my husband (we were in the drive-through) and responded Amy-and-Seth-Weekend-Update-style, "Really? So you brew decaf in the morning and caffeinated in the evenings? Really? Cause that makes sense. Really." But, because the barista was just merely a fetus and couldn't comprehend my sarcasm or the wit of Saturday Night Live, he simply responded, "Yeahhhhh. You have to make a special request to brew a pot of decaf."

To which I yelled, with all the maturity of a 3rd grader, "Consider this my official request for a pot of decaf coffee!!!!!" while Josh pulled away from the call box.

my last cup of starbucks.

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