jesus loves clarks and wellies too!

Josh and I went to Bargain Shoes, affectionately known to the natives as "The Jesus Shoe Store", last Friday. And, as always, we found some fabulous deals. In addition to their normal discount pricing, they are having an additional 25% off winter items. They have a ton of men's cowboy boots for $30ish right now. I tried to talk Josh into getting a pair, but he wasn't really feeling it. I don't know why.....since he (sometimes) dresses like this for his job:

Anyways.....here's some of our most recent finds:

We found some new Clarks (retail $100) for Josh for only $39!

We also found some Hunter Wellies (retail $115) for me for only $11!


Sunday Grant Photography said...

i cannot believe you got some Hunter boots for $11! Do they have a 7? What a great deal. I want a pair of those.

robin said...

SHUT UP. I'm so excited for your bargain scores! totally jealous.

Lindsey Lee Lancaster Hartsell said...

Um, Joe has those same clarks, and I'm pretty sure I paid $125 for them. Thanks.

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