vegan delights

Josh got a 'thank you' gift card for a speaking engagement. And like all gift cards that Josh gets, he felt the need to redeem it immediately. The only problem was which restaurant to choose:

Drumroll please..........
He chose Red Lobster, a vegan girl's dream
Josh went to Red Lobster one time as a kid, and in the past year almost every time we've passed a billboard with a RL ad on it he's sighed and recalled the fond memories of that visit. And now I know why.....the garlic cheese biscuits are amazing.

Nothing says tacky American quite like theme restaurants....and I love it. Give me a Rain Forest Cafe, Medieval Times (and now) Red Lobster any day. I felt like we were eating dinner in a boat.....there was even a little lobster on the glasses (please also note Josh is holding out his pinky finger)

So what did we get to eat? Josh went a little overboard: fire-roasted lobster tail, crab legs and shrimp scampi. I got house salad with steamed asparagus and broccoli. It was actually surprisingly easy (and tasty) to be a vegan at Red Lobster. Who would've thought?!?!

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