turkey trot 09

I ran our local Turkey Trot this year. It was fun....a great course, crisp morning and lots of friends. But the best part was all the random prize-winning categories: running stroller, dog/owner run, speed walking and costume.

The costume category was my favorite....mostly because I knew the winner would come from the Brown Family (you know, that family that dresses up every year for Thanksgiving?!?!)

that would be an indian, turkey, pilgrim and corn. classic thanksgiving staples.

the contest was looking pretty good....especially since the brown family represented 4 of the 7 contestants (one of which was just a guy in an afro):

and then out of nowhere, these guys broke the curve. and while they are super-cute, i guess no one had the heart to tell them that thanksgiving isn't really about roosters?

the brown family crosssing the finishline together. how cute are they?!?!

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