all dressed up and someplace to go!

Chelsea and I had a night on the town Saturday. We started at Zink for pre-show appetizers, saw The Nutcracker and finished with dessert at Mimosa Grill......and of course we've got the photo montage to share:

ok, so Zink is my new favorite place!
the atmosphere was fantastic and the decor was perfect

what else was perfect?
that would be our seats!!
we could see every freckle on Clara's sweet little face
(and we could giggle at how much better our seats were than the folks waaaaay behind us)

we tried to get a picture before the show started.....
but all you can really see is:
a) how much taller Chelsea is than me
b) how freakishly excited I am (didn't know I had bug-eyes like that!)
c) nothing much else because the flash wasn't that great.

We thought about getting dessert at the Ritz, but the menu was not that great.
What was great was the enormous gingerbread house on display. I tried to get Chelsea to eat a piece.

dessert at Mimosa Grill was delicious.
i got a chocolate-mint-raspberry something and Chelsea got pumpkin cheesecake.

Mimosa had these giant Christmas ornaments out front

ahhhhhhhhh The Nutcracker, how much we loved thee!!

Images by Freepik