view from my new office

Today I'm working from the front porch of Blue Ridge, my house (or the house where I'll be living for the next 2.5 weeks) at Windy Gap; a Young Life camp in Weaverville, NC.

I promise that I am actually working.....I mean, I do of course get distracted by the amazing view or by kids screaming down the zip-line, but I do get some work done. Really. A ton of it.

So pity me please....life is so hard when you have to work in such a beautiful place.


Amy.Brethauer said...

Blair! I'm jealous that you get to be there! Say hi to Hannah for me! Also, when does first session of work crew end? I sent you a text but obviously, you're a little busy with all your "work" that you're doing. Plus, I know service isn't that great up there. let me know, somehoww! :-)

R. Grant Land said...

Good to see you guys the other day. Thanks for having us for a few hrs.

Peacock Photography said...

I wanna see pics of your trip!!!!!!!

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