new appliances

Yes, I've been watching what I eat.
No, this isn't what my fridge looks like because I've been on a diet.

This is what our fridge looks like when we go away for vacation and work and come home to find a broken fridge, a soaked floor (hardwood) and lots of spoiled food. And the best part is that this is the 2nd time this exact thing has happened (last time was when we were out in Colorado for three weeks. gross!)

Y'all would be so proud of me. I didn't yell, throw a fit or cuss. I just politely called the appliance store, then Whirlpool customer service, went through all that redtape....and BAM! We'll be getting a new and NICER fridge. Want to know why? Apparently, they want to make it up to us since we've been such loyal and kind customers. Our new fridge has such bells and whistles that I'm not sure if I'll even be able to operate the ice-maker. I'll post photos of our new baby as soon as she's here :)

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