little jogger that could

I'm not a runner. I'm a jogger. I'm a jogger that worries more about what music I'm listening to and what my hair looks like that I care about how fast I can run a mile.

That being said, I've been enjoying jogging/running up at Windy Gap the past couple of weeks. The entrance road is a 5.2 mile loop, so I can run just as far as I'd like. I haven't quite made it the whole 5.2 miles yet, but I'm regularly taking the 3 mile loop and sometimes venturing out to the 4 mile loop.

The first week at camp I ran the Sunset Stampede (Mission Hospital 5k) with my friends Wendy and Kelly. Last week I ran the Asheville Chamber of Commerce 5k.

I'm loving our YL time up at Windy Gap and jogging in the cool mountain morning weather, but I'm in serious need of some new songs. Anyone got any songs they've been loving lately?


sunday said...

so not sure if you know but i live pretty close to asheville. just saying.
damn girl but Justin Timberlake. It is my power running song!

lesliesloan said...

jump-van halen
here it goes again-ok go
viva la vida-coldplay
hot n cold-katy perry
forever-chris brown
are you gonna go my way-lenny kravitz

have fun running-I AM SO JEALOUS!
Running here is so stinking HARD that I am just not even able to do it.

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